My Mystic Muse


"Vision without action is a fantasy and action without vision is chaos." - M.B. Beckwith

                              Laura De León
I am a Spiritual Facilitator , Certified Life Coach, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Energy/Sound Healer & Reiki Master .  I have a background in Film,, TV and  Stage, (Performance, Writing and Directing), as well as Music Production.  CREATIVITY , INSPIRATION and ACTION are what MYSTIC MUSE is all about. 

It is my absolute JOY to support you in MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS!   

We all have projects we hold close to our hearts but for one reason or another have not allowed ourselves to  make that dream come true. 
 I’m here to say you are not alone and your time is NOW!

We will work together, from the inside out, to address the places inside you that are calling for healing so that you can move forward with Strength, Clarity and Joy.   From producing your own unique body of music or poetry, Writing a One Person Show,  writing your own TV Series,  moving forward with a new product, company...  Whatever your dream may be we will work together, side by side,  and make this the time YOUR  DREAM BECOMES A REALITY! 

Creativity is not a passive thing.  It must be fed with Focused ACTION.  Focused action toward our hearts dream opens the door for inspiration and makes available more energy toward finally manifesting our dreams.  Our world opens up as we begin to see that truly anything and everything is possible. When we honor what is precious to us our lives begin to change.  
Suddenly there is no time to be depressed, or fearful or insecure or…or… or…  Only time to create more JOY, more LOVE and more ABUNDANCE of what makes us happy in life.

Sometimes it is as simple as saying “Yes” to an invitation.  So, I would like to extend an invitation to you.  You are invited to join with me and step into creating your hearts desire  One  YES  At  A  Time.  

Are you ready to live your dream?

Laura De León
Your Mystic Muse

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